Whip Dispenser

Whip Dispenser 

Cream Whipper For Gourmet, Homemade Fluffy Toppings. High Quality 1-Pint Whipped Cream Maker also for Whipped Mousse With 3 Decorative Nozzles and FREE Milk FrotherFacebook

We all know heavy cream is brimming with fat, but that is what helps it become the whipped cream we all want on our desserts    Whipping even a  ½ cup of heavy cream will yield 1 cup of whipped cream, since the N2O air is incorporated when you whip it, we can make it taste even lighter.  You can make any variety of flavors with our dispenser and server up anytime, and know what goes into your whipped cream.

For smooth frothy textures in soups, half-and-half brands are a lighter choice that you can incorporate for far fewer calories.  Remember, all creams  made from milk contain nutrients like calcium, riboflavin, vitamin A and phosphorus, and are calcium and other nutrients are essential for helping in osteoporosis and other health issues..
Read more at: http://blog.foodnetwork.com/healthyeats/2013/11/02/cream-good-or-bad/?oc=linkback

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  • Superior Quality Aluminum Canister and Whip Dispenser with 3 Decorative Tips and Tip Cleaning Brush
  • Cream Siphons are Safe And Easy to Use for Gourmet Fluffy Foam Toppings, Mousses and Salad Dressings. Fresh for up to 2 weeks
  • Ideal to help show off as home based cook or professional restaurant chef
  • Whipper requires Any 8g N2O Charger – NOT INCLUDED. Milk Frother 2 x AA Batteries – NOT INCLUDED
  • Ultimate ONE Year Guarantee

Product Description


Cream whippers, also known as cream siphons becomes more and more of a necessity in our daily lives. It not only gives the cook easy fluffing up cream for desserts but is becomes more and more a health benefit.

Cream whipper with nozzleWhat are the Benefits of a Whip’n’Cream Whipper:• When whisking products, a large amount of fat and/or egg is required to stabilize the light structures.
• Traditional whisking causes high fat content and high calorie count
• A Cream Whipper – Siphon – is replacing aeration by hand or machine
• Nitrous oxide, a calorie-free gas in the whipper, causing rapid chilling.
• High calorie stabilizers can be replaced with low calorie stabilizers such as gelatin or agar
• Result is fluffy, airy light, low calorie treats
• Mixtures stay fresh longer in airtight container and can last for a week or two in the fridge
• Aerated Salad Dressings coat and cling better to salads and the dressing going further as the volume is increased

How does a Whip’n’Cream Siphon Work:• Place liquid in canister, seal tightly with gasket-lined cap
• Whip’n’Cream cream whipper requires any 8g N2O charger
• One charger required on 1 pint liquid – NO MORE THAN 2 CHARGERS
• Place 8g N2O charger into the charger sleeve and screw in to release gas
• Shake the canister – head down
• Squeeze the discharge lever Enjoy a foamed and frothed result.

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Milk Frother included as FREE Gift

Surprise everyone with the best frothed dessert or coffee ever!

Here are some unique ideas around whipped foods you may not have thought about:

From http://thedish.plated.com/surprising-whipped-foods/

  • whippedGoat Cheese
  • Maple Syrup
  • Non-Melty Whipped Cream
  • Butter

In addition you can also grow your own herbs or veggies and infuse various foams, vinaigrette’s and mousses.

Product Number Description Product Weight Product size
  • Superior Quality Aluminum Canister and Whip Dispenser with 3 Decorative Tips and Tip Cleaning Brush
1.5 pounds 3.2 x 10.6 inches

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