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Rambo Locks are designed to keep your bicycle and any other object you want locked up safe and secure.  Our Rambo Feelsafe locks are designed with high quality steel cables and 4 digit combination lock to keep your bike safe.  Whether at a College, University or near your office bike theft occurs and the next one could be yours.rambo feelsafe locks

“The ICS study reports a 59.6% increase in bicycle thefts on college campuses from 1989 to 1993. They report that in the 1992/93 school year, 11 bikes out of 100 were stolen on campus. The survey summary states:

‘Given the increasing incidence of theft, a four year student cyclist has a 17.75% chance of losing their bicycle. By taking the possible unreported thefts into account, a four year student bicyclist faces a 53% (1 in 2) chance of losing their bike to theft.'”

-from National Bike Registry

From the FBI statistics, in 2011 there were 189,428 registered bicycle thefts.  That is an increase of +4.2 from the year before nationally!  More people using bikes to get to work – keep yours safe with patented Rambo Feelsafe locks.
Our Rambo Feel Safe Locks re-settable 4-Digits bicycle combination steel cable will help you solve the problem.

Lock 1sm

The high quality Tough Zinc-Alloy lock with Ultimate 2 year Guarantee* is approved and Patented in the USA.  The extra-long self-coiling and cut resistant braided steel spiral cable has a PVC protection cover. Use this 6’ integrated lock to secure the frame of your bike together with the wheels.A worldwide trend to commute on your bicycle instead of driving to work in the dreadful traffic is taken place.  Riding a bike is a healthier and more environmental friendly choice to use as transport.  An article from SFGate discribes what has been happening in San Francisco and throughout the USA.  However, bicycle theft has been increasing also.  Most bicycle thefts take place in and around our homes or workplaces.  What can we do to prevent or distract a potential thief from taking our bicycle? Commuting bike growth

It comes with an adjustable bracket which fit most bike frames for easy transportation.  Attach the bracket to the frame of your bicycle. It has an easy to remove clip so that there is no struggle to secure your bike.  Again, once the bike is unlocked, the self-coiling cable will curl itself into a nice roll. Clip back onto the frame.

The Rambo lock is also ideal for locking gates, trailers, boats and outdoor equipment.

At Rambo Products we:

  • Trust that our securing and locking solution will deter thieves and make stealing less attractive
  • We pledge an Ultimate Two Year Guarantee*Care about our Customers and the Communities we live in
  • Are committed to help secure your precious items
  • We believe that we all are entitled to enjoy the freedom of bike riding and a healthier lifestyle
  • We challenge you to make a choice of freedom that will give you peace of mind.

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Rambo locks are a great way to stay safe when you are away from your bike.  Don’t give the thieves a chance to steal your bike.  Buy your Rambo Feelsafe Lock today!

Product Number Description Cable
Diameter of
CL185190 Set your own combination 1.85m 10 mm

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